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South Wales Closed Entertainment Centres
Embassy Cinema/Ritz Bingo Club, Bridgend
Butlins Barry Island
Sandy Bay Caravan Park, Porthcawl
Swansea Leisure Centre, Swansea
Embassy Cinema/Ritz Bingo Club, Bridgend
Astons Nightclub, Bridgend
Plaza Cinema, Port Talbot
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This lovely brick building in the centre of Bridgend, next to the river, started life as the Embassy Cinema. One of three cinemas in Bridgend at one point. When cinema lost it's popularity to television, the building was closed. It reopened a bit after as the Ritz Luxury Bingo and Social Club. It continued well for many years, until that, like the Embassy, suffered from last popularity, and again the building closed. This time, not to reopen. The car park of the building in now being used as a Pay and Dispaly car park, as the large 'P' signs on the photos below show.

The front of the Ritz now

All the signs have gone...

The back of the building

'Ritz Luxury Bingo & Social Club' sign on side of building

Some curtains are still hanging