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South Wales Closed Entertainment Centres
Swansea Leisure Centre, Swansea
Butlins Barry Island
Sandy Bay Caravan Park, Porthcawl
Swansea Leisure Centre, Swansea
Embassy Cinema/Ritz Bingo Club, Bridgend
Astons Nightclub, Bridgend
Plaza Cinema, Port Talbot
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UPDATE: Swansea Leisure Centre is to reopen! The new council in Swansea reviewsed and overturned the last Labour council's decision to build a new centre. Work has already started on the £25million project, and the centre is due to reopen in Winter 2007.


Swansea Leisure Centre was opend by the Queen in 1977 on her Silver Jubilie Tour. The centre lived a very successful life, attracting many visitors and being voted Wales' best tourist attraction. The centre closed for a 'two week' building inspection in November 2003. The centre hasn't reopened since. The building report showed asbestos present, faulty wiring, problems with the fire alarm system, hygine problems, inadequate ventalation systems and pool leaks. Now, plans for a new leisure and conference centre are being drawn up.

View from footbridge

Another view from the footbridge

A closer view of the side of the centre, just seeing one of the slides inside

The slides inside the pool

A security sign that has recently appeared on the windows

The childrens 'shipwreck' slides

The main slide came outside the building for most of its root, until recently when it was cut off

The site of the car park is now being made into a garden for the new Waterfront museum

This was taken from where the old turning was (note the lines on the right of the path)

Fire escape routes from the side of the building

The service area at the front of the building

The now-redundant traffic lights at the exit of the centre

What was the exit from the car park

'Leisure'...Centre Sign